Scientists have discovered a new planet-sub-Neptune

It is located outside the solar system and is almost three times the size of the Earth.

The find was reported by a group of astronomers from the University of Grenoble-Alpes in France. The new exoplanet orbits the dwarf star M. It is designated TOI-269 b.

TOI-269 b is located approximately 186 light years from Earth. It is categorized as sub-Neptune due to its size and other characteristics. Sub-Neptuns are planets with a radius larger than the Earth’s, and a lower density. Such planets are also very close to the parent stars and are subject to their influence – radiation.

In particular, the recently discovered “alien world”, as scientists call the find, is 8.8 times more massive than Earth and revolves around its star every 3.7 days. Observations show that TOI-269 b is about 0.0345 AU away from its parent star, and its temperature is most likely at 257 ºC.

Interestingly, the density of the found exoplanet is significantly lower than the typical density of similar space objects. This may indicate the presence of a shell of a mixture of volatile compounds.

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