Scientists have discovered in space the “ideal cradle” for the origin of life

Scientists from the University of Campinas have found that conditions for the origin of life could arise on one of the largest moons of Saturn. Writes about this Science.

According to the research results, the surface of Titan is covered with organic hydrocarbons, as well as an ice crust, under which is the ocean, located about a hundred kilometers below the surface of the satellite.

Scientists came to the conclusion that an asteroid or comet colliding with a satellite could break through the ice crust, which would lead to a mixture of water and organic matter in the resulting crater. This, according to scientists, would be the reason for the emergence of the simplest living organisms.

“A temporary pool of warm water is formed in the crater formed from the impact from a space body, which is a favorable condition for the birth of life,” said planetary scientist from the University of Paris Lea Bonnefoy.

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