Scientists have found communication of clouds and a relief of Venus

Scientists from Russia and France have established that a relief of Venus around a height under the name Aphrodite’s Earth definitely influences thickness of clouds and speed of wind in the atmosphere of the planet.

Researchers of IKI RAS together with colleagues from the French Laboratory of the atmosphere, Wednesdays and space observations (LATMOS) have analysed the data collected by the interplanetary station ESA “Venus-express” and have found interrelation between the top cloud layer and features of a relief of the spreading surface, it is told in the document.
Aphrodite’s earth represents the extensive height in the Southern hemisphere of Venus located near the equator from the party, invisible to us. In the same area the increased concentration of water vapor is noted.

The gas cover of the planet stretching for 250 km over her surface contains mainly nitrogen and carbonic acid. At clouds of Venus there can be sulfuric acid. At the surface atmospheric pressure is higher terrestrial almost a hundred times, but at the height of 50-60 km of a condition become practically same, as on Earth. According to a hypothesis, about four billion years ago on Venus there was water and its atmosphere had more than the general with ours.

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