Scientists told when the Chinese lunar rover reaches the mysterious “house” on the horizon

It will take several months for the Chinese lunar rover Yuytu-2 to reach the strange object on the horizon that it had noticed earlier. The unusual object, which has been called a mysterious “home”, he photographed last month, during the 36 lunar day of his mission. The distance from the lunar rover to the object is about 80 meters, but the rover moves at a maximum speed of 200 m / h and since disembarkation it has traveled only 900 meters, writes

The device does not move all the time – using solar energy, it cannot travel on a moonlit night, as well as 24 hours before and after sunset. It also stops at noon when the temperature rises to 127 degrees Celsius. “Soviet engineers controlled the lunar rovers live from television images, looking ahead. Their maximum path at a time reached 3 thousand meters. However, the Chinese are more cautious and use a method of travel, like on Mars, ”explained a professor at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. “After the ride, the rover takes a full spectral panorama and the team on Earth builds a topographic map showing the obstacles and slopes around. This limits the maximum distance per trip to 8-10 meters, and it takes time. ”

The lunar rover “Yuytu-2” landed near the crater Von Karman in 2019 during the mission “Chang’e-4”, becoming the first lunar rover on the far side of the moon. Recently, with its help, scientists obtained data on the composition of the lunar mantle.

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