Secrets of ancient buildings: archaeologists discovered new objects more than 6,000 years old

Polish archaeologists who conducted excavations near the city of Kujawy discovered mysterious ancient structures that are at least 6000 years old. This is the first such find in Kujawy, but similar structures have previously been discovered in other European countries. The generally accepted theory is that these structures were built between 4850 and 4600 BC, i.e. during the Neolithic period.

The discovery is reported by Nauka w Polsce. Two large structures have been discovered in Kujawy that, as scientists suppose, had ritual and ceremonial functions more than 6000 years ago. They had a circular shape and consisted of several moats and paling. Therefore scientists draw an analogy with the famous Stonehenge.

Functionality of the structures

The idea of such construction is attributed to the first farmers who came to these places from the southern regions of Europe. The concentric structure does make the sites look like Stonehenge. But they were built 1500-2000 years after Stonehenge. The objects found in Poland, like Stonehenge, were built using boulders. They were small in number, but their basic structure consisted of ditches and ramparts made from earth excavated on the site and wooden palisades.

The function of these structures was nevertheless, in the view of the researchers, similar to that of Stonehenge. They were used for ceremonies that were very popular and well attended. The structures that have been discovered are on the site of the present-day agricultural field on which wheat is grown. They are therefore not visible to the naked eye.

Size and structure of the structures

The scanning results helped to create a 3D model. Calculations carried out with its help showed that the outer diameter of the detected objects was about 26 meters. They contained two or three concentric moats each. Wooden paling was located in the central part. By the way, these structures are about four times smaller in size than the largest similar objects found earlier in Europe.

Other mysterious structures

It is also interesting that earlier, not far from the discovered objects, archaeologists excavated the remains of other mysterious constructions of the same period – the so-called long houses. They were pillar structures up to several tens of meters long, which were built according to a typical plan in the form of elongated trapezoids.


Thus, archaeologists discovered mysterious ancient structures more than 6,000 years old in Kujawy, Poland. These circular structures, consisting of several moats and palisades, had ritual and ceremonial functions. Their concentric structure resembles Stonehenge, but they were constructed 1500-2000 years later than the British monument. The structures that were discovered were used for ceremonies and many people flocked to these ceremonies. They are about four times the size of the largest similar structures found elsewhere in Europe. Next to them were found the remains of other mysterious structures of the same period – long houses.

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