Something unknown is draining the life out of galaxies

Astronomers are currently observing a very weird and frightening phenomenon. Across the Universe and then something literally sucking the life out of scattered across the cosmos of galaxies. And although the main culprit in this crime have not yet been discovered, researchers from the International centre for radio astronomy research (ICRAR), based in Australia, all the forces trying to solve this mysterious case and restore justice.

After studying more than 11,000 galaxies with telescopes project Kaunasskogo digital sky survey, and project Legacy Fast ALFA the Arecibo Observatory, a team of scientists came to the conclusion that this case can be related to the process of so-called “tidal Stripping”, which makes the gas of the galaxies to leave them. And everything indicates that this process can occur in space much more often than previously thought. In fact, it’s a quick death, because without gas in the galaxy is not able to produce new stars. The results of the research of the research group of Australia was published in “Monthly notes of the Royal astronomical society”.

Graphical representation of the process of tidal Stripping can be seen below in the video.

So who is the main suspect in this crime? Most likely, according to the researchers, it is none other than dark matter – the mysterious, invisible substance, which, according to modern astronomy, have at least 27 percent of the total mass in the Universe. And now you may find that dark matter is the real criminal of intergalactic proportions.

“Within the life cycle of galaxies through them can be a different size halos of dark matter that in the mass range of the mass of our milky Way to the halos with a mass a thousand times more,” says Toby brown, head of research and candidate for a doctorate from the International centre for radio astronomy research.

“As the galaxy virtually passes through these massive halos, swarnarethas intergalactic plasma, located between them, begins to suck the gas in the process of tidal Stripping”.

The researchers not only suggest that tidal Stripping is more frequent than previously thought, a phenomenon, they also believe that this process can occur within small and large galaxy groups, as shown in the video below.

“Our observations show that a similar process can occur in a very compact galaxy groups, which contain only a few galaxies, with a much less concentrated supply of dark matter. Most galaxies in the Universe are in such small groups, where the number of galaxies may be only from two to one hundred.”

In General, this tale without a happy ending. In more serious cases galaxy generally sucked dry. However, nobody said that our universe is extremely cheerful place where only positive cosmological events.

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