SpaceX is preparing to ship to Mars at once two ships

The future flight to Mars is associated with greater risks, so preparing such a complex mission was not easy even for SpaceX. Initially, the company planned to ship the spacecraft to Mars in the following year, 2018, but later the terms were postponed to properly reinsure. Now rumors have spread that in SpaceX are preparing the launch of two Red Dragon ships, which should go to the Red Planet in 2020.

The calculations showed that in 2020 the Earth will be located from Mars at the closest possible distance, which means that the most successful window will open for launch, which is planned to be used not only in SpaceX – other companies are also going to launch something on Mars.

“Officially, representatives of SpaceX did not comment on the launch of the two ships, but people close to the company’s management say that such a plan is considered one of the most probable,” Arstechnica writes.

The press secretary promised the portal to clarify the information.

According to the information available to the publication, Mask thus wants to protect the future mission as much as possible, therefore, even if something goes wrong with one ship, the second will likely be able to sit on the surface of the planet and deliver the equipment there. What SpaceX is going to carry to Mars is not yet reported, but, presumably, it will be scientific equipment intended for various experiments.

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