SpaceX will deliver to the ISS the deadly bacterium

Very soon the company SpaceX is going to deliver to the International space station dangerous bacterium. Fortunately, the station crew know about it and therefore will be ready to receive cargo, after he will arrive to her next week. “Special delivery” going to use for a new experiment aimed at a more complete understanding of the impact of microgravitation on gene expression and the mechanism of occurrence of mutations.

Dangerous pathogen, which is going to bring to the ISS, is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), also known as “superbacteria” or “sberinvest”. For those who don’t know, MRSA is resistant to most types of antibiotics, and therefore to choose the right treatment for the organism that infected them, it is very difficult, which makes it very dangerous to humans. That is why scientists are trying to find the most effective treatment methods for this infection.

Lead researcher Dr Anita Goel believes that the environment of microgravity aboard the space station may contribute to the acceleration process of mutation of MRSA. However, despite the fact that most it rather looks and sounds like a great reason to write a new scenario of cosmic horror, scientists believe that the ability to accelerate the mutation process will allow them to predict in advance the behavior of MRSA and to prevent his aggressive behavior on the Ground.

“Our work in microgravity is important not only theoretical but also practical point of view. We are moving towards the development of personalized, precision medicine that will effectively and accurately determine the resistance to drugs and thus to develop more effective medicines,” says Goel.

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