Starry sky without light pollution

It’s hard to find a place where city lights will not hinder you to enjoy the night sky and the cold will not diminish the pleasure from the sight of the milky way. However, this place is national Park in Florida — both dark and warm, natural observation deck for fans of the observation of a starry sky.

History of dry Tortugas National Park is quite interesting. During the Civil war it housed the prison of the Fort, then the Fort was abandoned, and in 1992 was given the status of national Park. Archipelago, where the Park is located 113 km from the continent and get to the dry Tortugas can only swim.

But the long road is worth it! Heaven in the National Park are not touched by light pollution, but because the time lapses, the star-studded sky work fantastic.

Dry Tortugas was visited by the organizers of the project “Skyglow”. Operators Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic looking for places where the night sky is not flooded with city lights and make detailed images of celestial “virgin land”. In the Park night photography, but for enthusiasts made an exception. And no wonder — maybe our descendants will be able to see the milky way only on camera!

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