Storm in the northern part of Jupiter in the photo “Juno”

Active storm on the southern edge of the northern polar region of Jupiter prevails on this Jovian cloudy landscape. The picture was taken by NASA’s “Juno” spacecraft.

The storm is an oval anticyclone called the Little Red Spot in the Far North (NN-LRS-1); He has been followed since 1993, and he may be even older.

Anticyclone is a weather phenomenon when winds around a storm blow in the direction opposite to the direction of flows around the low pressure region. This is the third largest anticyclone oval on the planet, its length is 6 thousand km. Its color varies from red to dirty white (such is it now), but the image of the Juno camera shows that it has a pale reddish spot in the zone of the fastest winds.

Amateur researchers Gerald Eichstedt and Sean Doran processed this image using information from the JunoKam camera. The photo was rotated so that at the top of the image – the equatorial regions, at the bottom – the northern polar regions.

The photo was taken on July 10, 2017, when the Juno apparatus performed its seventh close approach to Jupiter. At the time of shooting, the spacecraft was 11,444 km from the cloud tops of the planet at a latitude of 44.5 degrees.

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