Strange pulsations of 234 stars can be signals of newcomers

The Canadian scientists have found strange fluctuations in a luminescence more than two hundred stars which coincide in parameters with the “signals of aliens” predicted earlier which as much as possible would draw attention of mankind, it is told in article published in the Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific magazine.

More than half a century back the American astronomer Frank Drake has developed a formula for calculation of quantity of civilizations in a galaxy with which the contact is possible, trying to estimate chances of detection of extraterrestrial mind and life.

The physicist Enrico Fermi in response to enough appreciation of chances of interplanetary contact on Drake’s formula has formulated the thesis which is known as Fermi’s paradox now: if there is a lot of alien civilizations, then why the mankind doesn’t observe their any traces?

Scientists tried to solve this paradox a set of ways, the most popular of which is the hypothesis of “unique Earth” saying that the unique conditions, in fact, repeating are necessary for a peripetia of evolution of our planet for origin of life and emergence of reasonable beings.

Scientists: we can’t find aliens because they have died out
Two Canadian astronomer, Ermanno Borra and Eric Trottier from Laval’s university in Quebec (Canada), believe that they managed to record possible signals of alien civilizations, having found unusual pulsations in a range of several hundred stars similar to our Sun by the sizes, brightness and terms of life at once.

They have come to such conclusion, having analysed the data collected during observations almost of 2,5 million stars in our Galaxy which were carried out by authors of the Sloanovsky digital atlas of the sky by means of automatic telescopes.

Bohr and Trottye were interested in special periodic pulsations in a luminescence of stars which as recently the famous planetologists David Kipping and Alex Tichi have shown, aliens can “add” to a luminescence of the star to signal about the presence. Can be their source as the powerful bunches of laser light directed towards Earth or other star systems or some objects standing in light an “alien” star.

Scientists: extraterrestrial intelligent life will be found not earlier than in 1500
Much to astonishment of astronomers, they managed to fix similar shifts in brightness and properties of a range at more than two hundred stars located both it is rather close to Earth, and is quite far from it.

“These signals found by us aren’t simply similar, and have such form which was predicted by other astronomers and us in our last works. The fact that they are present only at a range of extremely small number of the stars similar on the spectral characteristics in the Sun also specifies their alien origin” — scientists declare.

As recognize Bohr and Trottye, similar statements need repeated check in order that astronomical society of the planet could recognize them. Besides, many astronomers, for example Seth Shostak, the program manager of observations at Institute of search of extraterrestrial civilizations of SETI, doubt that directly 234 alien civilizations could use the same method for giving of signals of the sushchestovovaniye.

Astronomers found out how aliens can hide the planets from us
By SETI estimates, reliability of such observations on a scale of Rio makes 1 of 10 points. Nevertheless, the Institute is going to make observations of these stars to refute Bohr and Trottye’s statements or to prove their case.

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