Sun at peak activity: new solar cycle is stronger than expected

The Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun at the Institute of Space Research and the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences announced that the maximum level of solar activity for the last 20 years has been reached. The Sun’s activity level was 160, surpassing the 2012-2014 levels, which were at the peak of the 24th solar cycle. This unexpected increase in the Sun’s activity has sparked interest and concern among scientists and astronomers around the world.

According to previous predictions, the new 25th solar cycle was supposed to be weaker than the previous one. However, solar activity has started to grow much faster than expected. Scientists note that the increase in activity was about 1.5 times more than predicted by the models.

Solar activity is an important influence on the Earth and the space environment. During periods of increased solar activity, solar flares and solar matter emissions occur, which can affect Earth’s magnetic field, satellites and electromagnetic systems. This can lead to disruptions in power grids, satellite communications and other systems that depend on electromagnetic signals.

Scientists have already begun studying the effects of increased solar activity. One of the main issues is the possibility of predicting solar flares and solar matter emissions. Such phenomena can be dangerous for astronauts in orbit and satellite systems, as well as for electronics on Earth.

Solar activity is cyclical in nature and changes over time. We are now in a period of increasing activity that will peak in 2024. The maximum of the 25th solar cycle is expected to be even more intense and could lead to strong solar flares and solar matter ejections.

It should be noted that solar activity has not only negative but also positive consequences. For example, solar energy is one of the most affordable and environmentally friendly sources of energy. In addition, solar activity can influence climatic changes on Earth.

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