Superflare on the Sun will destroy the human civilization

Astronomers from Harvard University said that the destructive force for human civilization will be a super-flash on the Sun, which can happen in 750 years.

According to scientists, super-flares on the Sun happen about once every two thousand years. The last time a similar phenomenon was recorded in 774-775, when the so-called “global peak of carbon” occurred. At that time, the concentration of the carbon-14 isotope in tree rings in Germany, Russia, the USA and New Zealand increased by 1.2%.

Usually the amount of this isotope in the atmosphere varies in smaller (approximately every 20 times) limits. Twenty-fold excess of amplitude meant a “killerly strong” radiation impact from outer space.

According to the head of the department of astronomy of Harvard University Abraham Loeb, superflashes, the risk of which is not sufficiently estimated, can provoke huge economic and technological losses, which can lead to the collapse of human civilization.

Scientists note that with a flash on the Sun the main radiation is X-ray. It is disastrous for life on Earth, but our atmosphere, as is known, this radiation is capable of blocking.

However, excessive radiation, which can cause a superflare, can cause overheating of the near-surface layers of the atmosphere and the death of photosynthetic organisms. In addition, satellites and spacecraft will be disabled.

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