Telescope TESS captures a comet

The recently launched space telescope TESS has not yet begun its work on detecting exoplanets, but has already managed to please astronomers with new images.

On the images sent by the apparatus, scientists saw a comet fluttering against the background of stars and small asteroids.

Pictures were taken within 17 hours on July 25, 2018. The photos sent by TESS show the capabilities of the space telescope to cover a large region of outer space for an extended period of time. These factors are extremely important for the search for planets by the transit method.

The comet that was on TESS images was detected by the NASA NEOWISE device on June 29 this year. The object received the designation C / 2018 N1.

The comet was located at a distance of about 48 million km from the Earth in the constellation of the southern hemisphere of the South Fish.

The images clearly show how the tail of the comet changes direction. This is due to the influence of the solar wind. The frame also includes stars that change their brightness due to flickering, and small asteroids that are visible as moving tiny white dots. At the end of the published NASA video, you can also see a smoky arc. This is a diffused light emanating from Mars, which remained behind the scenes.

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