The aftermath of the X1 flare: a geomagnetic storm, cosmic rays and a new M1 flare

NASA has been quick to point out that the outburst from the recent solar flare has “disappeared,” but last night the Earth experienced a geomagnetic storm that came in waves and ranged from Kr4 (medium) to Kr5 (strong).

The geomagnetic storm provoked a burst of auroras, although not as expected. Observers on the ground were disappointed, but from space it looked more spectacular, as photographed by the European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Peske, “The return of the aurora borealis! Our orbits and the solar wind allowed us to observe them again, no one will be disappointed.”

Residents of Canada also observed quite bright auroras, and according to models of their distribution, strong auroras covered a large area from the U.S. to Europe and Russia.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that people’s attention is focused on the visual component accompanying such cosmic phenomena to the Earth continue to fall streams of cosmic radiation, which are not visible, but they carry a greater threat to all life than flashes of light in the sky.

Such bursts of cosmic radiation have been recorded before after powerful flares on the Sun, but such a prolonged and continuous impact is rare. Usually such “bombardment” by high energy protons provokes powerful earthquakes or volcanic eruptions in those areas with the highest irradiation power.

So far such events have not occurred, but these are delayed consequences that may occur later.

The sun has not calmed down and sunspot AR2887 erupted again today (Nov 1 at 01:45 UT), causing an M1-class solar flare and a plasma wave that swept across half of the solar disk.

USAF is reporting Type II radio emission, likely coming from a CME shock front traveling at ~600 km/s through the Sun’s atmosphere.

It remains to wait for fresh data from SOHO coronagraphs to confirm a possible coronal mass ejection directed toward Earth.

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