The ancient galaxy was full of dark matter

Astronomers have discovered a galaxy in 9 billion light years from Earth, containing an extremely large amount of dark matter. This goes against the modern theories of what the young universe represented.

Dark matter is a mysterious substance, which (according to some theories) can make up most of the mass of the entire Universe. Among astrophysicists, it has traditionally been assumed that at the moment of nucleation inside galaxies there is not so much dark matter – apparently, they from somewhere pick up and accumulate it already in the process of their development.

Photo DSFG850.95 – this is how it looked 9 billion years ago
However, recent observations from scientists at the MacDonald Observatory in Texas suggest otherwise. Researchers have discovered an ancient galaxy containing an abnormally high amount of dark matter. The new work, published in The Astrophysical Journal, is dedicated to DSFG850.95, a galaxy 9 billion light years away from Earth. In fact, this means that it will take the world nearly ten billion years to reach the Earth – which means scientists can look into the distant past of the Universe.

Such an abundance of dark matter goes against the dominant theory that ancient galaxies “are fundamentally different from galaxies in the modern universe.” This was stated by Caitlin Casey, one of the scientists who committed the discovery, in a fresh press release. What exactly caused such an anomaly and whether it is an anomaly – the researchers can not yet say.

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