The beauty and chaos of Jupiter showed in a new photo

A new detailed shot of the surface of the gas giant has appeared.

The spacecraft “Juno” (Juno) for the 26th time approached a point in the orbit of Jupiter, closest to the center of the planet, and took a new picture of the gas giant, showing amazing turbulence of clouds on its surface. Photos are published on the website of the Juno mission.

The device used a special JunoCam camera to capture the amazing landscape of Jupiter. At this time, it was located at an altitude of 4200 kilometers from the surface of the largest planet in the solar system.

The image, taken from raw images by NASA software engineer Kevin Gill and processed by space enthusiast Michael Galanin, shows the north of the planet. Strong storms are raging in this area, as a result of which the clouds become ornate under the influence of the constant winds of Jupiter.

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