The biggest solar flare of the year occurred last weekend

On April 4, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded an ultraviolet flash from the AR2759 sunspot.

This is a Class B4 flash. According to astronomers, it is not dangerous to the earth. The ejection caused only a short wave of ionization, which passed through the upper atmosphere of our planet.

There were no radio outages, GPS interference, or satellite outages. Only during a solar minimum will such a flash ever receive any attention.

On the other hand, perhaps “B” means “more than you think.”
“A typical Class B solar flare releases as much energy as 100 million atomic bombs from World War II. Only in the sun, which in itself is a 10 27 ton autonomous nuclear explosion, such an explosion would be considered” small. ”

So something important happened? Or not? “Yes, both.”

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