The collapse of the vacuum will destroy the Universe

Scientists have described dozens of possible scenarios for the destruction of the Universe. The authors of the video chose one of them — the decay of the false vacuum and modeled it.

The essence of what happens in the case of the transition of false to true vacuum, experts explain using the concepts of energy levels and the stability of the system. The higher the energy level of the system, the more energy. The objects in our Universe are trying to get rid of potential energy to arrive at the most stable initial state.

There is a hypothesis that the world we are able to see (quantum field as a universal form of matter), is in the true or false vacuum state. The true vacuum corresponds to the minimum energy state jiggaboo field, which is in a metastable state. For a false vacuum there is a possibility of a deeper transition in the vacuum state, including the true vacuum.

Experts say that if the false vacuum will go to true, then the matter that exists in the Universe will be destroyed. As a result the universe will be destroyed, and therefore, neither our planet nor we will not exist.

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