The coronal ejection of mass will pass by the Earth

As the coronal mass ejection may not be on the Ground and still cause a geomagnetic storm? Very simple, and soon we will see.

“Charges” coronal mass ejection released to space strong solar flares on 23 July, will not fall on our planet. However, geomagnetic storm is not excluded.

Computer modeling of the analysts of the National oceanic and atmospheric administration suggests that the main “body” of the accumulation of emissions will pass by the Earth. But shock waves in the solar wind emanating from the edges of the coronal mass ejection, a glancing blow will touch the planet’s magnetic field.

It is expected that the magnetic storm will begin on July 26. There is a 45 percent chance of development of geomagnetic storms G1. Residents of high latitudes, particularly in the southern hemisphere might see the Northern lights in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday

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