The cracked magnetic field of the Earth became the cause of a powerful geomagnetic storm on March 1

On March 1, nothing foreshadowed geomagnetic storms – the Sun did not throw out flares, the flow of the solar wind had a normal speed not exceeding 500 m / s, and suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, a storm broke out, which became the most powerful since 2019.

Commenting on yesterday’s storm, which scientists did not even predict, they characterize this event with the term “Surprisingly, the storm really happened.”

Scientists estimated its power according to the general classification G2 (Kr6) and it was the strongest geomagnetic storm since the geomagnetic storm caused by a solar flare that reached the G3 level in May 2019.

What caused this storm?

A giant crack opened in the Earth’s magnetic field, which remained open for more than 5 hours. Bright auroras spread across much of Canada and Alaska when the solar wind penetrated this huge hole in our planet’s protective field.

Since the beginning of the year, the Earth’s magnetic field has been malfunctioning almost daily and its power sometimes drops to zero. Yesterday, however, the magnetic shield completely “collapsed” leaving the Earth unprotected and the usual flow of the solar wind caused not only an incredibly powerful outbreak of aurora borealis, but also a powerful geomagnetic storm.

There are even more geomagnetic storms ahead of us, and this phenomenon is not as harmless as it is customary to write about it in the media. The geomagnetic storm is not just “Oh! We will see colorful auroras again!” – no, we will again be unprotected from cosmic radiation, and many people with cardiovascular diseases or suffering from problems with blood pressure may not survive at all ” blow from space “.

When the next geomagnetic storm is predicted – soon.

The Earth is entering a high-speed solar wind stream, emanating from the southern hole in the solar atmosphere. Given the instability of the Earth’s protective field, a high-speed wind will blow a hole in it without any problems and another geomagnetic storm awaits us.

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