The decanted galaxies on Hubble’s photo

Hubble’s telescope pleased with the photo of the decanted galaxies. The delicate smooth surface in far space actually is much more turbulent and the fissile, than it seems. A good example of that is a space object known under the designation IRAS 14348-1447. It no other than two spiral galaxies which are decanted in a whole. During such galactic interactions usually there is an intensive flash of star formation. And in appearance the apparent quiet galaxy actually represents huge overactive “lump”.

As these galaxies in a whole merged. They sluggishly came nearer to each other until their force of gravitation attracted them so close that they faced and turned into a single whole – a huge and bright galaxy.

The photo presented here was made the advanced camera for observations of Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS), established onboard space observatory of Hubble.

Object of IRAS 14348-1447 is located apart more than one billion light years from us. It is one of the most known ultra bright infrared galactic objects.

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