The device which will teach to play the guitar is created

The French startup of FretX developed the smart device which will help to learn to play the guitar. It is suitable for any 6-string guitars and will allow to master all main chords for an hour. Funds for project implementation were already raised for Indiegogo.

As it works

The gadget is suitable both for right-handed persons, and for lefthanders. It obtains data from the smartphone on Bluetooth. Chords which need to be taken for execution of composition sequentially are highlit on a signature stamp – miniature blue and red LEDs are for this purpose used. Thickness of a slip is slightly more, than at the sheet of paper so to play it doesn’t hinder.

The gadget fastens on the first four harmony of a guitar and eats from the krone battery – it lasts for 48 hours of the continuous use. The device helps to study songs – in the application well to more than one thousand compositions for which execution 93 chords are used. Further it is possible to master chords and on other frets – already without hints of FretX.

The gadget cost the first investors 49 dollars (3,2 thousand rubles), promise to deliver it in May, 2017. On release of the device 50 thousand dollars were required, 83 thousand, and prior to the project final – are already collected 10 more days.

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