The earth has entered into a meteor stream Geminids

The earth has entered into the stream of gravel debris from comet 3200 Phaethon, source of the annual meteor shower, the Geminids. Brian Emfinger observed on 9 December a large fireball geminid in the mountains near little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

The intensity of a meteor shower, the Geminids will continue to grow with each passing evening. And the peak of this phenomenon is expected on December 13-14. The meteors collide with Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of about 35 km/s, and usually disintegrate in about 80 km above the surface of our planet. While a weak meteors, often sparkle bright fireballs.

The number of meteors can reach 20-30 per hour at the peak flow. This is less than usual because of the bright light from the full moon, but still expected a bright display in the sky. For observers in both hemispheres the best time to see meteors is in the hours between local midnight and sunrise on Wednesday, December 14. Stream Geminids decorates the night sky every year from 4 to 17 December and is the latest star of the year.

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