The first photo of a comet flying to the Earth appeared

Comet 21P / Giacobini – Zinner will approach the Earth on September 10, but astrophotographers already take pictures of the celestial body. Michael Yeager from Austria photographed the object on August 16. In the photo, the comet flaunts against the backdrop of the Heart Nebula and the Soul Nebula in the region of the constellation Cassiopeia.

Let us explain that on September 10 the comet will be located at a distance of 58 million km, or 0. 39 astronomical units from our planet. An astronomical unit is a measure equal to the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Therefore, the heavenly wanderer will be three times closer to us than the star – by cosmic standards, it is close, but not intimidatingly close. The comet can not be seen with the naked eye, but it will easily submit to amateur telescopes.
Comet Jacobini – Zinner – a periodic comet with a circulation period of 6.6 years. It was opened in 1900.

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