“The First Space Nation” brought its satellite into a near-earth orbit

Recently, as part of the space mission of supplying Cygnus CRS OA-8E to the International Space Station, the satellite “Asgardiya-1” was launched into Earth’s orbit. If you are “Asgardian,” you can mark the date on November 12 as the date of the beginning of your new life.

For all the others who do not understand what is at issue, let us explain: in October 2016, the Russian scientist and entrepreneur Igor Raufovich Ashurbeyli announced the creation of the first ever human history space state – Asgardia, which on the official website of the project is described as the first “cosmic kingdom “. And the satellite “Asgardia-1” became the first evidence of the presence of this “kingdom” in space. True, the presence is rather small, since the “nanosat” launched into orbit is hardly equal to the size of an ordinary loaf of bread. Despite this, the launch of the satellite is the fulfillment of the promise of Ashurbeyli, which he made to the very first supporters of his project.

“I promised that the launch will be,” Ashurbeyli commented in an interview with CNN.

“We chose NASA as a reliable partner … because we needed to fulfill the obligations I gave 13 months ago.”

The satellite “Asgardiya-1” itself will be launched into low earth orbit from the International Space Station. There he will spend from five to eighteen months, after which it is planned to burn in the atmosphere of the planet.

The nanosat itself is a compact satellite carrying 0.5 TB of data on 18,000 Asgardia citizens. Among these data are both personal information of people, including family photos, and digital data on the flag of Asgardia, the coat of arms, as well as the recently ratified Constitution.

The launch of “Asgardia-1” was made not only to fulfill the promised promises to send digital data about its citizens to space. In order for an educated state to obtain an official status, according to the laws of the United Nations, it must comply with a number of basic criteria. The official Asgard press release says that three of the four conditions set for Asgardia are already in place: it created the Constitution, forms the government, and also introduced its own currency.

“The Constitution of Asgardia was adopted; The main currency is the solar (or solarcoin) crypto currency, it was registered by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO); at the moment the government is being formed. ”

After defining and officially fixing the framework of sovereign borders, Asgardia can meet the fourth basic requirement – the requirement of own territory.

The aim of the Asgardiya project is not only a scientific mission, it is a social experiment. This is an attempt to create a real artificial and, at the same time, the first space state, so its citizens (people included in its base) are striving to see the United Nations recognize it. Whether they achieve this recognition or not, the formation of a space state is a matter not only of political recognition. First, Asgardia as a state in fact will have to exist in space. Otherwise, it is likely that it will be seen as a group (a little crazy, wherever without it) of people who consider their home a space. To accomplish the same goal, Asgardia is going to establish a space station on Earth’s orbit, and also to build a colony on the Moon.

“This will be a four-level orbital station. I think that its technical details and features will be determined by our Ministry of Science, which I hope will appear this fall, “Ashurbeyli said at a press conference in June of this year.

About how long the space nation will need to create a space station and the lunar colony, its government has so far been modestly silent, but there are plenty of supporters of the idea. To date, 134,000 citizens from 204 terrestrial states have been registered in the Asgardia database. This is almost half below what was in June (211,000). However, only those who agreed with the created Constitution were recognized as citizens.

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