The German astrophotographer imprinted the Comet 1948 XII

The German astrophotographer imprinted the well-known comet for the first time opened in 1948. Honda – Mrcos – Paydushakova who for the first time was found on December 3, 1948 is about a comet. Why such threefold name? All because it practically at the same time was opened independently from each other by three astronomers: Japanese astronomer Minoru Honda, Czech astronomer Antonin Mrcos and Slovak astronomer Lyudmila Paydushakova.

The period of revolution of a comet makes 5,26 years. Its last perihelion, that is the maximal rapprochement with the Sun, was observed on December 31, 2016. At this moment the comet was well observed from Earth and was accessible to shooting.

As astronomers report, on February 11, 2017 this comet has to pass close to Earth.

The Korotkoperiodichesky comet Honda – Mrkosa – Paydushakova became the comet fifteenth in the history which was found by means of the radar.

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