The huge cloud will face our galaxy

Scientists foretell collision of a huge gas cloud with our native galaxy the Milky Way.

It is about the gas cloud known to astronomers since 1963. Today scientists from the American Space Agency NASA almost with confidence say that it will face our galaxy. And it has to occur through 30 million years.

In the scientific world this object is known under the name “Smith’s Cloud”. The mass of this huge cloud in several million times exceeds the mass of our Sun. The sizes of a cloud make 11 000 x 2 500 light years. Such sizes allow to compare to ease him with a dwarfish galaxy. And, the most interesting is that it has headed for our galaxy the Milky Way for a long time.

Hydrogen is a part of a cloud of Smith mainly. At this stage the cloud is at distance about 8000 light years from the Milky Way. By estimates of scientists, at the time of collision of a cloud with our galaxy, it completely will stop the existence. A part of his material will pass to our galaxy, other part of gas will dissipate in intergalactic space.

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