The impact of cosmic radiation hit the Earth, and a C3.8 class flash occurred on the Sun

Today a powerful stream of cosmic radiation hit the Earth. We should expect the occurrence of natural disasters in areas where the penetration of cosmic rays was maximum.

A pulse of X-rays and ultraviolet radiation ionized the Earth’s upper atmosphere, causing a shutdown of shortwave radio communications over Southeast Asia.

It is interesting that today there is no geomagnetic storm recorded, but the radiation impact that is happening right now is really powerful.

The sunspot AR2816 produced another solar flare – this time a C3.8 eruption today on April 22 (04:35 UT).

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a shockwave escaping from the blast site; this suggests that the CME is getting closer to us.

A burst of cosmic radiation indicates that the Earth’s magnetic shield does not work at all and does not even hold weak impacts. If this relatively weak flare, which is predicted to go in our direction, really hits us, it will cause a strong geomagnetic storm.

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