The largest group of sunspots this year aims to Earth

At the moment, the sunspot group AR 2665, which is the largest in 2017, is actively growing on the Sun. If on July 7 the spot size was only 0140 * (0.82 S of the Earth, 418 million square kilometers), and on July 08 it was already 0310 (1 , 8 S of the Earth, 916.9 million sq. Km), but today, July 9, the spot area is already 0480 (2.78 S of the Earth, 1 billion 419 million sq. Km). It’s almost like 83 territories of Russia (17.1 million sq. Km)!

Today (at 06 am on MSK) in this group of spots there was already a moderate X-ray flash of class M 1.3, and the solar observatory SDO recorded an extreme ultraviolet surge. The electromagnetic pulse caused disturbances in the propagation of radio waves over East Asia and Australia. In the near future, in connection with the growth of a group of spots, larger outbreaks are likely. It is noteworthy that in a few days this group of spots will be directed directly to Earth, though not the fact that the size of the spots will be greater.

* S spots (relative to the Earth) = 0.0058 x (S spots in millionths of the sun.semisphere), here are 140, 310 and 480;
* S of the Earth is 510 million square kilometers.

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