The largest telescope in the world

The European southern Observatory has published a short computer visualization, showing us the world’s largest telescope E-ELT, whose construction should be completed by 2024, in the territory of one of the Chilean desert.

Already today, without waiting for the end of the building, you can understand how impressive this design is an amazing telescope. We offer you to look at these pictures.

The construction of the telescope E-ELT began in 2014. The telescope mirror has a diameter of 39 meters. For comparison, the mirror of the space telescope Hubble is only 2.4 meters in diameter, and the diameter of the largest mirror to date, the Great Canary telescope and 10.4 meter. E-ELT will collect 13 times more light than any other existing optical telescope.

However, he is able in real time to correct for atmospheric distortion. Images taken with the E-ELT will be 16 times sharper than those of Hubble. With the new telescope, the scientists plan to look at the exoplanets discovered by them, to see the young universe and explore other galaxies. Already in 2024 they will have the opportunity.

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