The mass ejection from the outbreak X9.3 reached the Earth

The mass ejection from flash X9.3 reached the Earth. The plasma cloud from the Sun came to the orbit of our planet around 2 am Moscow time, about 12 hours before the expected time. This means that its speed exceeded the expected 1.5 times, and the impact on the Earth is produced with more power than planned.

The direction of the magnetic field of the ejection, based on the data of the ACE device, operating 1 million kilometers from the Earth and first encountered a sunstroke, is unfavorable for our planet – the field is directed opposite to the terrestrial and currently “burns” the Earth’s field lines.

On Earth, there is a magnetic storm level 4 on a 5-point scale. The strength of the event is about 10 times greater than predicted. In Canada, which is now on the night side of the Earth, there are strong aurorae at high and medium latitudes. The storm is of a planetary nature.

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