The moon, planets and satellite gathered around the Milky Way

A snapshot taken 15 minutes after the end of the full phase of the longest full lunar eclipse of the century shows a partially shaded Moon, Mars, Milky Way, Saturn, Jupiter and the light trail from the Formosat-2 satellite, crossing the center of the skyline panorama.

Mars in the photo blushes on the left under the shining Moon. Along with the galactic core of the Milky Way, you can see Saturn above the constellation of Sagittarius. Next to the dusty arc of our Galaxy is a trace of the Taiwanese optical remote sensing satellite Formosat-2, formerly known as Rocsat-2. Jupiter glows bright dot near the right edge of the image.

Professional photographer Miguel Claro captured this unique astronomical picture from the city of Campinho in the Portuguese starry sky reserve on Lake Alqueva (Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve).

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