The most incredible theories about the mysterious Saturn

Saturn – the sixth planet from the Sun and distant from the planets, which we can see from the Earth with the naked eye – is known for its beautiful rings. And if for a second you forget about Mars, Saturn, perhaps, more than the others has acquired mysterious theories of explanation and conspiracy on the topic of its purpose and the real essence. They are often intertwined with long-forgotten ancient knowledge and newly discovered natural phenomena.

Saturn took the highest position in terms of importance in ancient times. Since in our time more and more space probes pass by a huge cosmic body, its beauty and mysteries deepen. Like the insanity of conspiracy theories.

The giant hexagon of Saturn

When the Voyager missions flew past Saturn in the 1980s, they discovered a whimsical hexagonal shape in the polar regions of the planet. Moreover, this structure seemed completely artificial due to precisely verified sides and almost ideal shape. At the same time, pictures and theories followed, which ripened for about 20 years, until the Cassini device visited Saturn in the summer of 2004. The pictures he made were of high quality. But they did not provide a clear explanation for the nature of the “big hexagon”. In addition, they did not provide an alternative to people who simply did not want to accept the cloud formation proposed as an explanation for NASA.

Some people insist that this structure is proof of a reasonable design from a distant past. Perhaps this is a tracking device or even some kind of space filling station. Hydrogen and helium-3 are abundantly present on Saturn and can be used for space travel.

Natural radio waves

When NASA (using the Cassini probe) recorded radio waves indistinguishable to the human ear, the agency soon realized that these sounds were born in the atmosphere of Saturn – that is, the planet itself. NASA has transformed sounds into an audible range and presented in online. The agency said that these radio waves are born in nature, but the exact cause of their appearance yet.

And now the expert on digital audio, Jost Van Dyke, has changed the recording height. After listening to her again, he decided that he had caught certain patterns and patterns in the radio waves. In other words, these waves were not natural – they were artificial. Soon many theories and translations filled social networks. In one of the interpretations it was said: “You, people, call for abandoning the earthly impulse!” Understand as you want.

He could be the sun

In many ancient records, Saturn was referred to as the sun. For example, the ancient Babylonian texts describe Saturn as the “ghost of the sun.” Maya believed that the sun that we see today was different in former times.

In the book “Saturn, the ancient god of the sun,” author David Talbott notes an obvious mishmash between Saturn and the Sun in ancient times and that this mishmash could not be a coincidence. Talbott argues that different figures throughout history deliberately “distinguished Saturn from our Sun, calling it the best sun, the original sun, the central sun.”

According to some conspiracy theories, Saturn is closely connected with elite, secret societies that supposedly worship the Sun or the Sun God (on which, in turn, all major religions are allegedly built). If Saturn really was a star – and the central Sun in antiquity – then the importance of Saturn for secret societies and their esoteric rituals becomes quite understandable.

The theory of double stars of Immanuel Velikovsky

When the book “Worlds in Collision” was published in 1950 by Immanuel Velikovsky, scientists, historians and academicians were furious with learning about his theories and an alternative approach to interpreting world history. Literally everything was rejected by him. But decades passed, and many of his theories, albeit in part, proved to be true.

A good example would be his prediction of how hot Venus really is. In his time, this statement was simply laughed at. But when the probes studied the planet years later, Velikovsky was right.

Among other interesting statements was also that outer planets, like Saturn and Jupiter, can produce their own heat, not relying on the heat of the Sun. This not only proved to be true, but also led to a theory, albeit indirectly, that Saturn could one day be a star.

Velikovsky believed and argued that Jupiter and Saturn were most likely part of the binary system of stars. Because of the outstanding position of Saturn in the ancient world, as Velikovsky claimed, Saturn was probably closer to Earth and more of Jupiter at the time.

Saturn caused the Great Flood

Did the Great Flood actually occur – an already open question for today’s disputes. According to Velikovsky’s research, he did not just happen, but also through the fault of Saturn and his giant space neighbor Jupiter.

In the above-mentioned book Worlds in Collision, Velikovsky argued that Saturn and Jupiter came very close to each other, being on orbital paths that differed from the current ones. And then it was:

“Suppose that two bodies, such as Jupiter and Saturn, come close together, causing severe perturbations and powerful tidal effects in the atmosphere. Being a system of binary (double) stars, they could interact to such an extent that they would lead to a stellar explosion. ”

Velikovsky suggested that such an event placed the planets in the places that we see today, and launched a chain of events that resulted in a flood on the Earth.

If we consider this theory from the point of view of ancient astronauts and if we admit that Velikovsky was right, the Annunaki (apparently the aliens who ruled the Earth in the distant past) should have known about the motions of planets or stars. Therefore, in advance were warned about the consequences of these movements on Earth.

Actually it’s Nibiru

They say that somewhere behind the sky is hidden a secret planet, sometimes called the “planet X”. One day it will make itself felt again. And there is also an opinion that this most mysterious Nibiru is known to us more like Saturn.

They say that Nibiru appears in the sky “with wings.” In his book “Chronicles of the Earth” Zacharias Sitchin argues that this is due to clouds of oxides trapped in the atmosphere of the planet. They created a winged view when Saturn moved in its orbit.

But what if these wings are in fact rings of Saturn? Can people mistakenly take rings for wings?

Intensive electrical activity in the rings of Saturn

When the Voyager 2 flew over Saturn and, more importantly, over its giant rings, he caught a steady crash, which turned out to be nothing more than a burst of energy. Further studies described them as “crackling, lightening discharges of electricity”.

According to Joseph Romig, a member of the Voyager astronomical team, these charges were 10,000 times stronger than the lightning that we are used to on Earth. The energy in each cod ranged from 100 to 1000 megawatts, which is three times more than the usual output of a standard power plant at a peak.

Although this strange phenomenon was not offered an explanation, Romig claimed that electric charges can be associated with “interaction with the surrounding dust particles.” Later, in 2016, one of the conspiracy theorists offered an even more non-standard explanation …

This is a broadcasting system

The scientist and writer David Ike is well known for contradictory or outlandish statements. In Ike’s opinion, Saturn really is a gigantic broadcast system that sends electrical waves to Earth and creates a “matrix” in which we all live.

Our Moon acts as a searchlight, amplifying these signals and transmitting them to the Earth’s atmosphere. As you can imagine, most scientists and astronomers rejected Ike’s claims.

Ike considers many phenomena occurring in nature, as derivatives of powerful electrical activity and radio waves generated by Saturn. He also claims that the “elite” of the Earth is aware of the importance of the ringed planet and its true history.

Many symbols of Saturn on Earth

Coincidence is it or not, but several well-known logos of no less famous corporations from all over the world, belonging to elitist families, include Saturn. At least so many theorists of the conspiracy, including David Ike assert.

For example, the “e” on the Internet Explorer logo has a ring, like Saturn. The same is true for the logos of Boeing and Toyota. Even the Nike logo can be seen as part of the ring of Saturn.

Another example can be Axis Media Group, whose logo contains a sphere with two “rings” around. The exchange of engagement rings also to some extent can be considered a reverence for Saturn from time immemorial.

What is the reason for such a tremulous attitude towards Saturn and the symbols associated with it? Yes, everything is the same as usual – worship and occult transactions.

The plot of the black cube and the connection with the occult

According to some conspiracy theorists, Saturn is associated with occult rituals and beliefs. Even the names Satan and Saturn, in their opinion, are very similar.

In ancient times the deity El also symbolized and designated Saturn. And this leads us to the next part of this theory, to honoring the “black cube”, which is said to be another symbol of Saturn / Satan, El or all.

According to theory, this system of knowledge and beliefs has been passed through the ages through secret societies that control religion, business and politics in the modern world.

Conspiracy theorists argue that this explains why the symbol of the black cube can be found on the walls of many buildings belonging to the elites of this world. They say that this is not just an ornament, but a secret message known to a few. In addition, the “black cube” is in some way the embodiment of the famous hexagon of Saturn.

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