The mystery of “space music”: what did the astronauts hear on the moon?

In 1969, the Apollo crew, while flying over the far side of the Moon, encountered an unusual phenomenon – “strange music” that sounded in their helmet phones. This occurred while passing the back side of the Moon, where communication with Earth was impossible. This mysterious event still remains one of the most inexplicable and mysterious riddles of space history.

According to records found 40 years later, the astronauts heard “strange otherworldly music” in the Apollo radio module. These recordings were discovered while working on the science movie “NASA – Unexplained Materials.” The sounds seemed to be unusual and unlike anything the astronauts had previously heard:

– “You know, it sounds like space music.”
– “Did you hear it? That whistling sound? Who-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!”
– “Well, it’s certainly strange music!”

This mysterious “musical” transmission lasted about an hour, and only before reconnecting with Earth did the astronauts discuss whether to tell Mission Control about it. They were amazed and could find no explanation for the phenomenon:

– “This is unbelievable!”
– “Should we tell them about it?”
– “I don’t know. We have to think about it.”

Many theories and hypotheses have arisen in an attempt to explain this mystery. One of the most popular theories suggests that the astronauts may have encountered a radio wave effect caused by the interaction between radio signals and the moon’s magnetic field. However, this theory does not fully explain the nature and origin of these sounds.

Historical evidence suggests that astronauts were not the first to encounter such phenomena during space flights. In 1961, during the Vostok 2 mission, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin also reported strange sounds he heard in his helmet. This only added to the mystery of the phenomenon.

The opinion of an expert on the subject, physics professor John Johnson, is also of interest. He believes that these sounds could be the result of the interaction between the moon’s electromagnetic fields and radio signals emitted by radio stations on Earth. However, he admits that this is only a hypothesis and requires further research to confirm.

Despite the fact that many years have passed since astronauts heard this mysterious “space music”, the answer to this mystery still remains unknown. Maybe in the future, scientists will be able to solve this mystery and provide an explanation for this phenomenon.

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