The outflow from the X9.3 outbreak will reach Earth on September 8-9

Tonight, a geomagnetic storm of the Kp5 level began from the flash of class M 5.5 that occurred on September 4 this year. According to forecasts, it can reach high values. At the moment, a geomagnetic storm of moderate strength Kp4.

An hour ago the active zone 12673, which yesterday fired three flares of class X, threw out another flash of class M2.4:

Flash class X2.2
Flash X 9.3
Flash class X 1.9
4 flashes of class M4.6, M2.6, M1.4, M1.6
Flash class M2.4

All these outbreaks occurred at short intervals and their consequences would overlap, amplifying the likely consequences of these events for the Earth.

Flash X9.3 has already led to a deterioration of communication in Europe and America, but the main release will reach our planet only on September 8-9, then the consequences for the population and the infrastructure of the Earth will become clear.

The active zone that produced all these flares accompanied by the ejection of the coronal mass at the time of outbreaks was directed to Earth, so the impact on our planet will be maximized.

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