The photo of Phobos from the TGO station

Trace Gas Orbiter of a mission of ExoMars-2016 has photographed the satellite of Mars Phobos during the second flight of the planet. The usual photo and a photo to 3D was presented by the website of the European Space Agency. Earlier the station has photographed Mars.

As did a picture
The TGO station has orbited Mars on October 19. The station has begun the second flight of the planet on November 26. The photo has been made at distance of 7,7 thousand km from Mars. During the second flight the station also calibrated devices and corrected an orbit.

Phobos – the satellite of Mars which has the sizes 27×22×18 of km and orbits at distance of 6,6 thousand km from the planet. Actually he moves on a spiral, each hundred years approaching the planet on 2 m.

The minimum distance between TGO and Phobos – 230-310 km, maximum – 98 thousand km. From the satellite of Mars the station is in the most remote point each 4,2 days.

There is a photo received by the station:


If you have blue-red 3D – points, you can consider the volume image of the satellite:


And here is how the orbit of the TGO station concerning Mars and Phobos looks:


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