The places of landing of the ship Red Dragon on Mars are named

The company SpaceX in conjunction with NASA has identified four regions on Mars, where it is planned to land unmanned ship Red Dragon.

At a special presentation on March 18, Paul Worcester of SpaceX named the potential landing sites on Mars: Deuteronilus Mensae, Phlegra Montes, Utopia Planitia and Arcadia Planitia. These areas can be considered in detail, for example, using Google Mars maps.

All of them are located in the northern hemisphere of the planet near the equator. This allows potential missions to have optimal access to sunlight. Another criterion is the presence of water ice.

The Red Dragon ship will be a modernized version of the manned Dragon V2. With its help in the middle of 2020, SpaceX plans to send to Mars to a ton of payload. The launch of Red Dragon will be carried out on Falcon Heavy. Earlier it was planned to commit in 2018.

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