The probe “Cassini” took the last photo of Titan

The Cassini space probe will complete its mission in a month: it officially ends on September 15, 2017. All the time of the planned passage through the rings of Saturn, he diligently transmits unique images from the orbit of a little studied planet – in fact, as close as “Cassini”, no one has approached.

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The spacecraft, exhausted its resource, is moving to its doom in the atmosphere of the planet. Now the aerospace agency NASA has presented the latest pictures of Titan, the largest satellite of Saturn.

As experts comment, Titan is surrounded by a dense atmosphere, tectonic processes are observed in the thickness of the celestial body, and rivers and lakes are visible on the surface. During the 127th span of the probe past Titan, data were obtained that helped clarify the depth of eight such lakes. It is up to 100 meters. However, for life the planet is unfit: instead of water the lakes are filled with methane and ethane.

Note that the size of Titan is twice the size of the Moon, and its mass is twice the mass of the Earth’s satellite.

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