The probe “Hayabusa-2” began rapprochement with the asteroid Ryugu

The Japanese probe Hayabusa-2 successfully completed the last series of maneuvers and overclocking procedures, which brought it to the “finish line” on the way to the Ryugu asteroid. His study will begin in the coming weeks.

“The last, third phase of the Hayabusa-2 acceleration was completed this weekend – the engines worked for 2426 hours and dispersed the apparatus at 393 meters per second.When the probe approaches the asteroid, we will determine their exact position using radio and optical navigation systems” , – representatives of the agency noted.

The probe “Hayabusa-2”, whose purpose is to study and take samples from the asteroid Ryugu, was launched into space in early December 2014. He will return to the ground the first 100% “pure” samples of the primary matter of the solar system.

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