The projected Mars global dust storm

Published in one of scientific works forecast says that global dust storm on Mars played out in the next few months.

“The middle of this season dust storms on Mars falls on October 29 this year. Based on the discovered regularities of the occurrence of storms on the surface of Mars in the past, we believe that with high probability the global dust storm begins in a few weeks or months from today’s date,” said James Shirley (James Shirley), a planetary scientist from the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA, USA.

To predict the occurrence of global dust storms on Mars will soon become much easier in the event that a new storm will occur in the same way that storm played out before her.

One of the most recent global dust storms on the surface of Mars played out in 2007, which led to a significant reduction in the amount of solar energy received by the two Martian Rovers NASA Spirit and Opportunity.

In addition, dust storms will pose a great challenge to future Martian pioneers, as the dust raised into the air during such storms will interfere with electronics and have a negative impact on the health of astronauts and to reduce the amount of available solar energy.

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