The Russian scientists have suggested to turn the Moon into “Noah’s Ark”

The Russian scientists from MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) and Institute of astronomy of RAS have suggested to use the Moon as а peculiar “Noah’s Ark”, having constructed special shelters and to place there objects of cultural heritage.

In the report of the Russian scientists under the name “Moon as Ideal Storage of Treasures of Culture” it is told, that for years of existence of a human civilization, invaluable treasures of material culture have been saved up. But these treasures are quickly destroyed by natural cataclysms, influence of surrounding factors, and also wars and technogenic catastrophes.

The mother Earth, became very unsafe place for storage of masterpieces of world heritage and they can just not reach our descendants. The Moon will help us to keep them. It is the most suitable place for storage of all treasures of our culture.

The moon, will become the space museum and at the same time reliable safe for all cultural and material riches the riches which are saved up by mankind during its existence.

Scientists, suggest to create on the Moon reliable storages where invaluable books, ancient manuscripts, rolls, pictures of great artists and many other invaluable artifacts will be placed.

The atmosphere of the Moon is very rarefied, so treasures won’t be threatened by the fires and besides, no bacteria will be able to do any harm to the objects of art, as there simply are no bacteria on the Moon.

There are no earthquakes, the fires, landslides, mudflows, avalanches, tsunami on the Moon, and it means that in the bunkers constructed on the satellite of Earth, it is possible to store masterpieces of world culture eternally.

It is offered to build special bunkers under the surface of basalt lunar rocks, that even falling to the Moon of a huge asteroid couldn’t do harm to the artifacts which are stored in a treasury.

Besides bunkers and reliable storages, scientists suggest to construct on the Moon, the copies of great architectural objects of Earth. In caves under a reliable armor of basalt breeds, it is possible to build such objects of architectural heritage as Notre Dame, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Taj Mahal and Great pyramids of Egypt.

Scientists don’t count on participation of the states of the world in implementation of this project and offer participation of private investors. It will be favorable as, having constructed storages for treasures of cultural heritage, private investors, will be able to construct storages for preservation of their own saved-up riches and also, to create on the Moon manned bases to ensure the place for life in case on Earth life becomes impossible as a result of natural, technogenic or space disasters.

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Yeah, it all works out, until a meteor hits.

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