The scientist has told what the meteorite found on Mars is similar to

The meteorite of an unusual form found by the Curiosity mars rover is very similar to splinters of the Sikhote-Alinsky meteorite which has fallen to the territory of the USSR in 1947, the senior research associate of the State astronomical institute of Shternberg (GAISh) of MSU Vladimir Surdin considers.

“On Earth of similar splinters from one Sikhote-Alinsky meteorite have found 3-4 thousand” — he has told.

According to the scientist, Mars, at the expense of the atmosphere, represents the beautiful place for search of meteorites, especially iron as stone it is difficult to distinguish from simple stones on the Red planet.

“On Mars meteorites continually. Near Mars there passes the main belt, and they periodically to Mars “pour”. The atmosphere at Mars such to slow down, but not to destroy a meteorite” — Surdin has told.

The day before in media messages that the mars rover has come across a tiny celestial body last week on the Martian mountain of Sharp have been published. Curiosity found meteorites on Mars earlier, however this has drawn attention with the rounded shape with ideally smooth surface and deep furrows. Diameter of the meteorite which has received the name Egg Rock makes four centimeters.

The six-wheel rover Curiosity, three meters long and weighing about 900 kilograms, has gone to Mars in November, 2011 and on August 6, 2012 has reached the surface of “the red planet” around Gale’s crater. Exact completion date of a mission of the mars rover isn’t called, but his main mission has been calculated on one Martian year, or 687 terrestrial days.
Ten researchers of Mars

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