The solar core rotates abnormally fast

Astronomers from the University of California in Los Angeles (USA) discovered that the inner layers and core of the Sun rotate four times faster than its surface.

This state of affairs contradicts the idea of ​​the device of the luminary, based on observations of recent decades.

According to astrophysicist Roger Ulrich, scientists judged the behavior, features and structure of various stars, based on the hypothesis that the bowels of the sun revolve around its axis at the same speed as the outer layers.

However, after analyzing on the supercomputer the data collected over the last 16 years by the SOHO probe following the depths of the Sun, the scientists received staggering results.

The core of the light, as it turned out, rotates four times faster than its outer layers, and circulates around the axis not for 28-30 days, as was previously thought, but in a week.

Scientists have suggested that the rotation of the surface of the sun can slow solar winds and various magnetic structures in the near-surface layers of the luminary. There are no other versions explaining the anomaly, astronomers have not yet.

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