The Soviet spacecraft “Luna-13” and his mysterious pictures

“Luna-13” — the Soviet automatic interplanetary station to study the moon and outer space was launched 21 December 1966 24 December 1966, the station made a soft landing on the moon in the Ocean of Storms at coordinates 62°3’w and 18°52′ North latitude.

The station operated for 4 days before 28 December and gave the ground the three photo-panoramas of the lunar surface when the altitude of the Sun 6, 9 and 32 degrees. In addition, the station was equipped with grantopera-penetrometer and radiation densitometer and the dynamometer, which was held the first ever instrumental study of the density and strength of the surface layer of lunar soil (regolith).

The photographs made by this station, clearly visible objects of artificial origin, lying on the surface of the moon.

28 Dec battery “Luna-13” died and she’s “silent”…

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