The star Proxima Centauri opened a new earth-like planet

Earth-like planet discovered in nearest to the Solar system are the stars Proxima Centauri, which is from us at a distance of four light years. Oleg Ugolnikov, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences and senior researcher at the Institute of space research, said that the new planet in the mass similar to the Earth that the moment is rare. The planet is 20 times closer to Proxima than Earth is to the Sun, the period of its revolution around the star is about 11 days. Now scientists can only guess what the temperature dominates the planet, but it has been cautious assumptions.

Ugolnikov told and what methods are used by astronomers to search for “exoplanets”. This and much more you can learn by watching specially prepared a ten-minute video.

“The flow of energy from a star to a planet is about one and a half times lower than from the sun to the Earth, so says Mr. Ugolnikov, to move Earth, you’d be pretty cold and, most likely, no one would have survived.”

Scientist noted that details in the foreseeable future, unfortunately, will not work, because the temperature of the planet is influenced by many factors, including the type of atmosphere and a number of other parameters.

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