The strangest objects coming from space

Fortunately, most of the most dangerous objects in space are many light-years away from our tiny planet. But still, sometimes “guests” come to us from space.

Fuel tank

In March 2011 in Colorado, one tourist came across a spherical object lying in a crater formed from his fall. Touching the object, the man found that he was still warm! NASA staff identified it as a fuel tank from a Russian Zenit-3 rocket launched in January 2011.

Cow’s killer

October 15, 1972 farmers in Trujillo, Venezuela, heard a loud sound of a blow. The next day they found a large stone next to the dead cow. Only a few years later, scientists confirmed that the stone is a meteorite. This is the only officially confirmed case when the fall of the meteorite caused death (cows).

Tunguska meteorite

June 30, 1908 over the expanses of Eastern Siberia there was a powerful explosion. Almost 2,000 square kilometers of the forest lay down. The explosion was about 1000 times more powerful than the explosion of a nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima. But the strangest thing is that not a single crater has been found. Scientists suggested that a meteor exploded in the air, which exploded into fragments at an altitude of 10 km above the Earth’s surface.

Healing stones

On August 14, 1992, people in the town of Mbale in Nigeria heard a deafening explosion in the sky. Soon after, the stones fell from above. As the AIDS epidemic was flourishing in the country, residents decided that the Lord himself sent the stones to save them from the disease. They even chopped stones and added them to food.

Goba Meteorite

Meteorite Goba is the largest meteorite found, its weight is 60 tons. Although it fell into the territory of modern Namibia about 80,000 years ago, it was not found long ago. In 1920, a farmer plowing his field, stumbled upon something hard in the ground. Today this meteorite was turned into a national monument.

Balls from Space

Three large metal balls fell in the territory of northern Vietnam in 2015. The authorities stated that these are parts of the missile, which are containers for storing compressed air. A version was put forward that these were parts of a missile made by the Russians. But scientists could not explain how they ended up in Vietnam. Perhaps they fell from a satellite that burned in the Earth’s atmosphere, and, perhaps, they separated from the rocket during an unsuccessful launch. Fortunately, no one was injured by the fall of the balls.

Meteorite Kaidun

On December 30, 1980, the meteorite fell to the ground near the Soviet military base in Yemen. The meteorite Kaidun, as it was called, contained many minerals, some of which had not even been met before in nature (Florenskite). Scientists are still arguing about the origin of the meteorite.

Meteorite of Lake Tagish

In January 2000, a large fireball hit the ground near Lake Tagish in British Columbia. Immediately after the strike, local residents felt a strong smell of sulfur in the air. The meteorite was very interesting to scientists, because although they could not pinpoint its origin, its composition resembled nothing else than … The Sun (except for gaseous compounds).


In January 1978, radioactive material fell from the sky in northern Canada. These were parts of the defective generator of the Soviet satellite Kosmos-954.

The oldest meteorite

In 1492, a huge boulder crashed into the Earth near the French city of Ensisheim. People perceived what happened as a sign from heaven, because in those days they did not know anything about meteorites. To date, it is the oldest surviving meteorite in Europe.

Meteorite the size of a pea

In 2009 in Germany, 14-year-old Gerrit Blank was returning home from school when he saw a flash of light. Almost immediately, a pea-sized stone touched his arm, and then crashed into the ground, forming a crater about 30 centimeters in diameter. Fortunately for Gerrit, he almost did not suffer, only a small scar remained on his hand.

Allende Meteorite

In 1969, the Allende meteorite fell on the territory of Mexico and caused great excitement among meteorite hunters. It was found that the fragments of the meteorite contain elements that are older than our solar system! And that’s not all, in the shards found microscopic diamonds!

Meteorite Damaged Vehicle

On October 9, 1992, residents of Pickscill, New York, saw an extremely bright strip in the sky, drawn by a meteorite. He fell, crashing into Chevrolet Malibu, owned by Michelle Knapp. She bought the car the day before for $ 400, and after the incident she resold it for $ 10,000.

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