The telecommunication satellite Telkom-1 exploded on the orbit

Telecom satellite Telkom-1, which provides communication services over Indonesia, ceased its work on August 26. At the same time, the telescopes of the company ExoAnalytic captured the formation of a cloud of debris around the satellite. Apparently, we were able to see the destruction of the satellite from a distance of 36 thousand km. The animation speed is increased. The cause of the destruction is not defined, but there are no signs of a collision.

This is not the first destruction of the geostationary satellite this summer, which we saw in the help of ExoAnalytic. In July, it was possible to observe the separation of fragments of the satellite AMC-9 from SES, with whom communication was lost a few days before the survey began.

Such events are more dangerous for the geostationary orbit than for the low. GSO can not self-clean due to the lack of atmospheric inhibition, while the orbit itself is constantly replenished with new telecommunications, meteorological and military satellites. This is the most demanded from a commercial point of view orbit, and its clogging will cause billions in losses not only of satellite companies, but also rocket-building ones.

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