The Voyager-1 engines started after 37 years of idle time

The engineers of NASA managed to start the engines of the Voyager-1 spacecraft, which have not been used since 1980, the ministry said on its website.

NASA experts in 2014 began to notice a decrease in the efficiency of the main engines – to turn the device in space, more energy was required.

It was decided to resume the work of the engines responsible for the correction of the trajectory, which were last used during the Voyager flight past Jupiter, Saturn and their satellites. To do this, specialists had to learn the outdated software and programming language. The engines were launched on November 28, after 19.5 hours a signal was received about the successful inclusion.

“Thanks to these engines, which still function after 37 years without use, the Voyager 1 service life can be extended by 2-3 years,” said Susan Dodd, project manager for Voyager at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Mission “Voyager” in the face of twin probes was launched into space in September 1977, to date, a pair of these devices are the farthest from the Earth and the longest-lived spacecraft. “Voyager 1” distanced itself from our planet by 21 billion kilometers and continues to approach the boundary of the solar system at a speed of 61 thousand kilometers per hour.

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