Three solar flares of class X are directed to the Earth

The sun shook the biggest explosion in 12 years. Developing on our star in the last three days, the events ended as they should have ended. All the energy accumulated in the corona of the Sun as a result of the interaction of the two largest groups of sunspots over several years was discharged in a single burst of unique power. At the moment, the explosion was awarded a score of X9.3.

Events of this power are among the largest that our star is capable of producing and that are formed only under very rare, unique conditions, usually at the peak of solar activity. As it turned out that an outbreak of this level occurred now, against the background of the solar minimum, scientists still have to understand, who, no doubt, will study it event to the smallest detail. For the time being, we can only say that only five outbreaks of greater force were registered in the entire modern twenty-year history of the observations of the Sun (the period covered by the operating catalogs), and almost exactly 12 years passed since the last of them – the event occurred on September 7, 2005.

In the next 24 hours, researchers will have to figure out what will happen to the Earth and its cosmic neighborhoods by the end of this week – the explosion occurred in the geo-effective area near the Sun-Earth line, from where the sun’s impact on our planet is the maximum.

The level of flash activity at the moment exceeds the value of 10 (the exact score is 10.3). This value is already outside the usual color scale, which consists of five values ​​(from green to yellow, orange, red and maximum, violet, activity levels of the Sun) and corresponds to the so-called black (higher) activity level.

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